Z-Edge Z3 Car Dash Cam

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In the dash cam market, more is better. The same can be said for higher resolution, better crash detectors, and the ability to pick out license plates. That’s why the Z-Edge Z3 Car Dash Cam is the best on the market, despite its high price. Don’t believe us? Wirecutter agreed, naming it best of 2016!

Product Description

The Z-Edge Z3 Car Dash Cam is one of the best overhead mounted dash cameras on the market today, by any and all standards. It comes with a wide variety of amazing features, making it perfect for simple day-to-day driving, to highway driving, to driving in the city. Whatever the case is, you can count on its wide-angle lens to capture a full 145° in front of you, and the CMOS image sensor to capture every license plate around you. The only downside might be the high price tag.

The better option might be to ask, “What doesn’t the Z-Edge Z3 do?” This dash cam really can do it all, making it a wonderful choice in vehicle monitoring. It has a high-definition camera, giving you crystal clear recordings. It also has crash detectors and accelerometers, to keep track of anything unusual. It’s no wonder this dash cam was voted best of 2016 by Wirecutter.

Z-Edge Z3 Car Dash Cam Sample Video


  • The Z-Edge Z3 was voted the best 2016 dash cam by Wirecutter
  • Has a broad field of view with its lens; you can see a full 145°
  • Has super high-definition recordings
  • Comes with the best CMOS image sensor in its class, to better capture all license plates on the road
  • This product has a 3” LCD display screen that is scratch resistant
  • Has a built in G-sensor and accelerometer, to better detect crashes
  • Has a looping memory that erases in 1-minute, 3-minutes, or 5-minute intervals
  • Comes with the 32 GB Kingston SD memory card that is needed for this dash cam to record stills and video


  • There are so many good things about this that it can be hard to determine what really makes it one of the best dash cameras available on the market today. The list of high-resolution, sensors, and memory perks are truly what makes this a fantastic dash cam for your vehicle. If you want high-quality coverage, this is definitely it.


  • There’s only really one con to be found with the Z-Edge Z3, and that would have to be its price tag. All of its features, after all, don’t come to you free of charge. If you want to purchase this product, you’ll find that the price reflects the high-quality features and build. This can make outfitting an entire family’s set of cars pretty expensive.


If you’re looking for an absolute top-of-the-line, best overhead mounted dash camera, and aren’t afraid to pay the price for it, then the Z-Edge Z3 Car Dash Cam is probably a very good choice for you to make. The high-quality recordings, crash sensors, and other perks are what really make this product stand out from the crowd. It really can’t be recommended enough.

A dash cam that was named the best dash cam of 2016 by Wirecutter is a dash cam you should take notice of. Even if it is pricier than most other options that you’ll find, the perks that it offers, as well as all the peace of mind that you’ll get, makes it something that you shouldn’t be without.

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