YI Full HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

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If you’re looking to buy the best overhead mounted dash cam, you’ve likely set a budget. But just because your budget may be modest, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a lackluster dashboard camera! Instead, try the YI Full HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera.

Product Description

The YI Full HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera is one of the best dash cams available in the mid-price range, making it a great choice for those who are on a budget, yet want all of the features that they’d normally find on a higher-end model. It comes with a slew of powerful and high-tech options, such as the ADAS and the night vision mode.

It can do anything that a basic dash cam can do, plus quite a bit more. It can record while you’re driving, using its powerful camera. The amazing 60 frames per second speed means that you won’t miss a moment when you’re recording. It can also give you lane departure in real time, making you an overall safer driver.

YI Smart Dash Camera Sample Video


  • High-definition images, recording at 1920p by 1080p
  • Records at speeds of 60 frames per second, one of the fastest options available
  • Has a fantastic night vision mode, allowing for you to see more clearly when driving in the dark or other adverse conditions
  • Its lens angle is considered to be ultra-wide angle, covering a full 165° of visibility. That means that you cover three lanes of traffic with this dash cam
  • Comes equipped with G-sensor technology, to better determine when an accident may have occurred
  • Emergency recording feature, to keep recording when you need to film an active emergency situation, or any other prolonged time, such as a traffic stop
  • Comes with the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), which insures safe driving by providing lane departure in real time
  • Has a built in 2.7” LCD screen
  • Comes with the YI Dash Cam App


  • The biggest, and, arguably, best feature that you’ll find on the YI Smart Dash Camera is the ADAS, or the Advanced Driver Assistance System. It uses advanced recognition algorithms to help ensure that you’re driving as safe as possible. The high speed and very detailed camera is another major pro, coming at a relatively low price in this sector.


  • The only major flaw that has been found is that in some instances, the camera can become blurry when the temperatures outside begin to climb. On days where it’s very hot, some have reported the dash cam producing blurry images. However, it isn’t known if this is a common experience or a rare one.


If you’re looking for the best overhead mounted dash cam for a rather moderate budget, but want one that will come loaded down with perks and features, then the YI Full HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera might be right for you. It has a lot of very advanced options, and it seems to have very few, if really any, flaws that you might experience.

With the ADAS in place, ensuring that you are driving as safely as possible, due to the high-tech camera which will make sure that you don’t miss a single thing while you’re recording, this is a dash cam that you can really rely on. The fact that it’s not expensive is only a plus.

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