SENDOW Mirror Dual Dash Camera Vehicle Recorder

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Most people spend lots of money on their car, ensuring that it is working flawlessly and securely. Even going to an extent to kit it out with the best equipment such as GPS tracker. Your vehicle takes you from one place to another, but don’t you ever think you can use it in another way. Every journey you tend to take can also be a photo shoot; you can capture scenic routes and landscapes all while worrying about nothing but driving. And an in-mirror dash cam is an excellent way to capture shots of your journey right from the comfort of your own vehicle. Whether you use it for pleasure or security, dashboard cameras offer you with peace of mind.

Product Review

If you have a very tight budget yet you want a high-quality dash cam, then the SENDOW Mirror Dual Dash Camera Vehicle Recorder can do the trick. This camera system features 170-degrees wide angle front mirror camera and 140-degrees rearview camera, hence enabling you to record everything which happens inside and around your vehicle. The front mirror camera allows you to record Full HD videos at1080p resolution, while rearview camera lets you record video at 720p resolution.

It also comes fitted with 7-inches TFT LCD monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:9. This dash cam sports IPS touch function screen with the menu interface featuring large buttons and user-friendly icons for fast navigation and intuitive operation.

The dash cam supports up to 32GB Micro SD Card of Class 10, which isn’t included with the camera. Thus allowing you to record hours of footage deprived of having to delete any video clips. The loop recording function enables you to overwrite the oldest clips with the newest ones when the memory card is full.

This camera system allows you to display single image with footage from one camera and four picture-in-picture displays pattern from both front and rearview cameras recorded simultaneously. With the one-key switching five views, you can smoothly observe the panorama of the road and surroundings captured.

The G-Sensor device locks the most recent video when it detects the impact of a crash. Additionally, the dash cam comes backed by a 12-month limited warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. It also offers professional technical support and customer service.

Product Features

  • Massive 7-inches, 16:9 aspect ratio TFT LCD, high-end rearview mirror display
  • 170-degrees wide angle front mirror camera and waterproof VGA 140-degrees rearview camera
  • Installation of this rearview mirror is a breeze
  • IPS touchscreen makes it more convenient to operate
  • Automatic loop recording
  • Parking mode helps when parking your vehicle
  • Built-in G-sensor system activates when it detects a severe impact or sudden braking movements
  • Comes backed by a one-year limited warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. It offers professional customer service and technical support.
  • The package includes SENDOW mirror dash cam, rearview dash camera, a car charger, a user manual, adhesive sticker, two metal screws, and two mounting straps.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • Quite to operate.
  • Easy to install.
  • It comes with one-year warranty.
  • Offers full assistance with parking.
  • It provides high-quality picture-in-picture mode and IPS touchscreen.


  • The dash cam only supports up to 32 micro SD card.


The SENDOW Mirror Dual Dash Camera Vehicle Recorder is one of the best in-mirror dash cams that you should plainly put into consideration when looking for a perfect dashboard camera for your car. This dash cam features impressive features that you would find in high-end systems at an affordable price. It features 7-inches TFT LCD screen, Gesture Sensor device, IPS touchscreen, seamless loop video recording, and much more. It is worth the price.

SENDOW Mirror Dual Dash Camera Vehicle Recorder


Video resolution


Viewing angle


WDR dark/bright



  • Massive 7-inches, 16:9 aspect ratio display
  • Parking mode
  • Built-in G-sensor


  • Only supports up to 32 micro SD card

6 thoughts on “SENDOW Mirror Dual Dash Camera Vehicle Recorder Review”

  1. How do you set the clock and date? Also when i turn on dvr its not in record mode i,m thinking its because i bought a 64 gb disk

    1. Hi, this particular model is touch-screen operted. Once the unit is switched on, you touch the “Home” icon. This brings you to a display of 4 icons, one of which is “Settings”. It’s fairly straight forward, just follow the on screen prompts.

      1. I read that there is a up dated version coming out. With a wireless rear camera. Any idea when it will be out. Thanks Jody

        1. Hi Jody, no news on a wireless Sendow model yet. There are other dash cams available with a wireless rearview camera so I expect it won’t be long before Sendow produce their own version.

  2. Mine works just fine with a 128gb sd micro. The newer sd micro standards says that the official file system is exfat, which is a load of crap since you can format storage mediums to any file system you want.

    I slapped in a 128gb sd micro, the device will format as fat32, the device will see the whole capacity and be able to use it. I have about 8 hours recording time for the front camera, and about 8 for the rear.

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