SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera 4.5 Inches IPS Touch Screen

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A dash cam, mounted onto the dashboard or windscreen of your SUV or car, has not only become progressively more popular over the last few years but also increasingly essential for individual businesses such as Uber. The dashboard camera is uniquely designed to record every single detail of every sound and image, which it captures, which takes place both inside the car and on the road. However, choosing the best dash cam can be a daunting task with so many options to choose from. Below, we have provided a detailed review of the SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera 4.5 Inches IPS Touch Screen as one of the best in-mirror dashboards cameras out there on the market today.

Product Description

The SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera is one of the affordably-priced dashboard cams out there on the market today. This dual lens dash cam comes equipped with 150 degrees wide angle lens in the front camera and 140 degrees wide angle lens in the rearview camera. The 150-degrees front camera and 140-degrees rearview camera angles offer 290 degrees of viewing inside and outside your vehicle.

This dash cam is exceptionally compact and sleek yet still mighty. This camera features the highest of technology packed into its smaller framer yet affordably priced. It features full HD 1080p 4.5-inches large mirror display screen with a 1280 x 720p rearview camera. This system also offers picture-in-picture display from both the front and rear camera as recorded simultaneously. Another impressive feature you don’t find with so many inexpensive dual lens dash cams is the IPS touch function. This dash cam sports IPS touch function screen with the menu interface featuring large buttons and user-friendly icons for fast navigation and intuitive operation. Hence making it much more convenient and safer.

This system also includes a G-Sensor enabled recording device that starts with the first signs of any sudden impact, braking, rapid, acceleration, etc. With the parking mode activated, it will start automatically to record when it detects any objects in your surroundings, hence making it a perfect helper whereas you park your vehicle.

Moreover, it comes equipped with built-in 500mAh polymer battery. The rearview camera is IP66 weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about your camera getting damaged by harsh climatic conditions such as heavy rain, dust, snow, or ice.

Product Features

  • Simple and quick installation
  • 150 degrees wide angle lens in the front camera and 140 degrees wide angle lens in the rearview camera
  • Built-in G-sensor system activates when it detects a severe impact or sudden braking movements
  • Parking mode helps when parking your vehicle
  • Picture-in-picture display and IPS touch screen makes it much convenient and safer to use
  • Endless loop recording helps save your SD Card storage
  • 6G sharp glass lens – made up of 6 layers of glass which provides stunning clear and non-deformed images
  • Comes backed by a one-year limited warranty against the manufacturer’s defects and professional customer service
  • The package includes a SENDOW Dash camera, backup camera, car charger, user manual, adhesive sticker, two mounting straps, and two metal screws.


  • It provides high-quality day and nighttime images.
  • The IPS touchscreen makes it much easier to use and operate.
  • The rearview camera is IP66 Weatherproof.
  • It allows full HD 1080p video recordings.
  • Comes included with long cords for both front and rearview cameras.
  • It is backed by a 12-month limited warranty and professional customer service.


  • The RAM size is not sufficient.
  • Only supports up to 32GB SD capacity.


The SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera 4.5 Inches IPS Touch Screen is one of the best affordably-priced in-mirror dashboard cameras available on the market today. This system sports astonishing features at just a reasonable price. It features a 4.5-Inches IPS Touch Screen, seamless loop video recording, G-Sensor function for auto-recording, full HD 1080p camera, and 290-degrees view angle. The camera can support up to 32GB for even more time-lapse recording.

SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera 4.5 Inches IPS Touch Screen


Video resolution


Viewing angle


WDR dark/bright



  • 150 degrees wide angle lens front camera
  • 140 degrees wide angle lens rearview camera
  • IPS touch screen


  • The RAM size is not sufficient
  • Only supports up to 32GB SD capacity

14 thoughts on “SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera 4.5 Inches IPS Touch Screen Review”

  1. I’m trying to find how to install mine! The rear view part! Can anyone direct me to videos for this brand?

  2. I just bought one of the dash camera, 7”. I have installed it properly with the rear camera in place and red connected to my red wire on reverse light but camera not still showing video. When I put the car in reverse, the light on the rear camera comes on but on the dash, nothing shows nor does it go in reverse.

    What should I do? Do I have to send it back?

    1. Hi, it is always possible that there is a fault with the camera. However, before you send it back for a replacement I suggest you might want to ask an auto electrician to take a look to ensure everything is connected properly.

  3. Raymond W Daniel

    My cam is set on loop record an it will fill up the memory card an I will have to delete it can you tell me how to fix please

    1. Hi, when your dash cam is set to loop record, it normally overwrites older footage. If you want to keep this, then you need to download this to a computer. In your case, you will still need to do this or work with more than one SD card.

  4. Good Day. I have a SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera 4.5 Inch IPS Touch Screen Full HD Resolution 6G Glass Lens with Rearview Backup Camera Dual Lens Vehicle Dashboard Recorder. I have a problem when i put the car in reverse. I’m seeing some of the rear view lines and the word “stop”. Even when nothing is behind me i’m still seeing some of the rear view line and the word “STOP”. What can i do to rectify that because i’ve reset it a number of times, disconnect the rear camera and reconnect it and it still seems to be doing the same thing when i put the car in reverse… Is the camera defective, what can i do for it to work properly again? what can i do about this?

    1. Hi. First I suggest you ensure that there is no part of your vehicle in the field of view of the rear camera. The camera has a view angle of about 170 degrees. The gridlines generally help drivers estimate the distance from obstacles. The accuracy of the grid-lines can vary based on how you angle your camera. Therefore to compensate for inaccuracies, you can adjust the grid-lines to your camera angle. You can adjust these from the menu.
      Hope this helps….

  5. I purchased on October 22, 2017 from Amazon the SENDOW Mirror Dash Camera 4.5 inch IPS Touch Screen FHD 6G Lens Mirror Rearview Camera Dual Back Car Dashboard Cam DVR Parking Monitor G-Sensor Loop Recording.

    The backup camera has two dead LED lights. How can I replace this? Do you just sell a little replacement camera or is there a way to change out the tiny bulbs.

    1. Hi. Unfortunately, trying to get in contact with SendowTek is almost impossible. I suggest that if you have any experience in electronics, you try to replace the small LEDs yourself. Alternatively, you may be able to use another rear view camera from a different product. Perhaps something like this might work
      Sorry can’t be more helpful.


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