Ispring Dash Cam Rearview Mirror Car Video Recorder

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For extra security, most drivers now opt for the dual lens dash cams which record what is going on behind their vehicle as well as what is happening in the front. The dual lens dashboard cameras typically comprise of two cameras: the front unit mounted to the windscreen and smaller camera which records out of your car’s rear window simultaneously. However, finding the best dual lens dash cam with so many options available can be challenging. In today’s article, we will be discussing in details of the Ispring Dash Cam Rearview Mirror Car Video Recorder.

Product Description

This in-mirror dashboard camera is a stylish yet quite efficient dual lens system. The Ispring Dual Lens Dash Cam is one of the most pocket-friendly eyewitnesses which never disappoints. It provides a picture-in-picture display of both the front and rear camera. You can toggle the display of the front-view and rear-view in either the full screen or the inset window respectively.

The front camera has a 120-degrees viewing angle and is capable of delivering Full HD 1080p signals, whereas the rearview camera can provide a 480p VGA signal. As well as the brilliant camera, this dual lens dash cam system features a bright and clear 4.3-inches LED screen to view what you have captured easily. Also, it provides you a peace of mind in case of an accident as it allows for immediate footage to show the insurance companies or police in the results of the crash.

The dash cam is capable of detecting motion, a feature which comes in handy when parking your car. Additionally, the loop recording turns on automatically, recording when the engine starts to capture more of your journey. This dual lens system also comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, microphone, and built-in speaker for audio recording and playback.

Additionally, this accessory features G-Sensor of severe impacts, motion detection, and parking mode. Also, the front camera features night vision capability. The package comes included with everything you need for the installation. It also includes a free 16GB memory card, card reader, rear camera, user manual, color box, two rubber rings, and DVR48B Dash Cam.

Product Features

  • Front camera has 120-degrees viewing angle and allows you record Full HD 1080p videos
  • Offers picture-in-picture display of both the front and rear camera
  • Waterproof rearview license plate camera with extra-long cable included
  • Automatic seamless footage recording in loops which allows you to save the storage available
  • Features G-Sensor which records and locks the video when vehicle experiences severe impacts
  • The package comes included with a free 16GB memory card
  • Built-rechargeable battery, a microphone, and speaker
  • Item weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Comes backed with 12-months limited warranty against the manufacturer’s defects


  • It is quite affordable.
  • It is quick and straightforward to install.
  • Comes included a 16GB micro SD card.
  • It offers smooth, high-quality recording.
  • The rearview camera is waterproof.
  • Comes backed by 1-year limited warranty to cover any issues.


  • The dash cam is a little bulky.
  • It limits up to the 32GB memory card.


If you are a looking for the best inexpensive in-mirror dash cam, then the Ispring Dash Cam Rearview Mirror Car Video Recorder can be the best buy for you. Despite its low price tag, this cam delivers well in terms of performance and even quality. If offers Full HD 1080p resolution, something you do not easily get in low-priced dash cams. It also gives loop recording for continuous capture.

Ispring Dash Cam Rearview Mirror Car Video Recorder


Video resolution


Viewing angle


WDR dark/bright



  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Rear camera is waterproof


  • It is a little bulky
  • Limited to 32GB memory card

17 thoughts on “Ispring Dash Cam Rearview Mirror Car Video Recorder Review”

  1. Can anyone tell me how to make your setting stay once you turn it off. Every time the unit turned off the date and time and all the settings go back to the original.

    1. Hi April, It sounds like your camera’s battery might be dead or your SD card might be faulty. You could try using a different, known good SD card in your dash cam. If the issue remains you most likely have a dead battery. You will need to contact the manufacturer/retailer for a warranty replacement.

      1. Sorry for not being specific. i would need a loner cable for the rear view camera, or an extension for it. i have a long vehicle and the included wire does not make it all the way back.
        Also, is there a way to flip the rear view image on the screen? The location and position I want to instal the camera makes the image on the screen to be upside down.

        1. Hi, You might be able to use a “universal style” extension cord for your rear view dash cam like this one. Check the connections first to make sure it will fit. The only other alternatives ar to make the routing more direct or to get a bespoke cable.
          I don’t believe it is possible to flip the rear dash cam image. It might be easier to modify the mounting bracket.
          Hope this helps.

  2. Hi can you tell me when playing Visio back on computer it won’t play picture it comes out distorted and fuzzy lines.

    1. Hi Caron. Most HD video camera these days record video in the AVCHD format. AVCHD video requires heavy decoding (i.e. a lot of computer resources), more than most computers can handle while simultaneously providing real-time playback. So you get choppy images and mismatched sound. The actual video is fine, it’s most likely your computer is just struggling to decode and play it back. You need to ensure that you copy the video files from your SD card to your computer and then use the software supplied with your dash cam to play back the video.
      A good option is to take the AVCHD video file and convert it to another HD format that is much easier for your computer to handle. You can use a program for MS Windows called AVCHD Upshift from NewBlueFX. This

    1. Most car dashboard cameras overwrite previously recorded footage.
      Additionally, it is recommended to completely format the memory card of your dashcam at least once a month to keep it in good health.

  3. Dash Cam 1080P Full HD 4.3″ LCD Rearview Mirror Car Video Recorder Dual i am having a hard time formatting the SD how is this done

    1. It is recommended to completely format the memory card of your dashcam before you use it and at least once a month thereafter. Formatting may be done in the dashcam itself using the onscreen menus, or by plugging the memory card in to your computer. Follow these steps on your computer:

      • Right click on your memory card once MS Windows recognizes it
      • Select “Format’ from the file menu
      • Do not use the option to “Quick Format”. A complete format ensures the card is fully formatted and ready for use.
      • Click “Start”.
      • Once the format is complete, right click again on the memory card and select “Eject”.

      Then just insert the memory card back into your dashcam and you are set to go!
      Hope this helps.

      1. Gregory L Dallape

        Hi, Im still having problems with the “card full” error message. I Formatted a new SD card… NTFS, 4096 bytes. I have the same 128gb sd card working in dashcam now. This card is backup. Any more suggestions to get it working?

  4. How do I get the screen to default and always show the back up camera view?.. I would like that view on all the time without having to select it with the arrows?. Also, I am having trouble with the technology set-up after install, is there an email or support line I can call???

  5. Just bought this dash cam but I can not figure out how to make it loop record or how to get it to record all of the time and not just when it wants to.
    Any ideas on how to do this would be a great help.
    Thank you
    Mr. Lee

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