BlackVue Power Magic Pro Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention

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In this article we show show you how to avoid car battery discharge. The Power Magic Pro unit prevents your battery from discharging or draining when you are powering a Dash Camera. This is because higher feature dash cameras have motion sensing for parking lots mostly. So in a parking lot the camera is being triggered occasionally and drains your battery.

Product Description

The Power Magic Pro has a circuit that monitors your battery voltage and will turn off the Dash Camera power when the voltage goes below a user settable voltage 11.8v or 12v and 22.8 or 23.2v(for trucks/busses). In addition the unit has a timer that is also user settable to turn off the Dashcam after between 6 to 120 hours. There is a switch to enable and disable the power to the dashcam. See more details later in this article.

Product Features

Whats in the box?

  • Control Box
  • Wire Harness with cigar socket
  • Mounting adhesive tape
  • Screws
  • Instructions

Installing the Power Magic Pro Video

You will need to find 12v fuse panel sources for:

  • Ignition switched 12v
  • Constant 12v
  • Vehicle Ground

Connecting to the 2 fuses you can use metal adapter connector from Car Quest part# ST231 or Out of stock.. Some people wrap the wires around the fuse but don’t do this it will likely have connection issues. In the video you see one (I listed above) and it’s the cheapest connector that made for the job (about 25 cents) and maintains a secure connection.

Make sure you use Out of stock.. I see other people using vise-grips and different pliers not designed for the job. It will lead to problems later on as cars have plenty of vibration and these will eventually come loose.

Unit Configuration

Voltage Dip Switches 1 & 2

Depending on your vehicle you my want to change the voltage. Mine was set at the factory to 12v. Basically there are 2 settings for each input voltage. Although not common in North America some foreign trucks use 24v battery setups.

Timer Dip Switches 3, 4 & 5

These change the shutoff time from 6 to 120 hours also you can set to indefinite(not sure why you would). The way it works if your vehicle battery is still above the set-point after the time setting it will turn the output off.

Multi Mode Switch

This is the only switch on the unit and has 3 modes of operation:

Switch in OFF – the Dashcam will still power up when you start your vehicle. What happens is it shuts the Dashcam off when you turn your car off.

Switch in ON – the Power Magic unit monitors the battery and timer settings to see if voltage is too low or the time has expired. If either happens the Power Magic will shut the Dashcam off.

Switch was OFF then switched ON while vehicle is off – The Power Magic will power up the Dash Camera indefinitely.


This device is invaluable to prevent your battery from going dead while parked. The installation is fairly easy almost everything is included. One thing is they don’t provide a way to connect into your fuses(since they don’t know what your vehicle requires). To do this there are fuse connection kits that replace a fuse with another holder. They will have a wire to connect to but the cost is about $10 each and you need 2. The solution we used is a part available from Car Quest and both costs about $1. The instructions are well illustrated and easy to follow. The unit dip switch configuration was setup for 12v cutoff and 6 hours shutdown so I left it set like this. Good quality product and well worth the money.

So now you know how to avoid car battery discharge is your car dashboard camera has parking mode functionality.

Out of stock.

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