FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam

FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam 1080P 170° Viewing Angle microSD Card Included FULL HD

Are you searching for a new overhead mounted dash cam for your vehicle? And do you want the absolute best dash cam that the market has to offer? Then you can’t go wrong with the FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam. It’s perfect for almost everyone.

Product Description

The FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam is a dashboard camera that is well suited to a variety of conditions. This is because this camera comes with so many added features and such a great capability that it can function in nearly any scenario. The night vision mode, WDR Enhanced Image Quality, wide 170° lens capture, and high definition 1920p by 1080p recording make it one of the best dashboard cameras on the market today.

In short? The FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam can do almost anything that you could ask it to. No matter what conditions you’re driving in, be it darkness, storms, wide roads, city streets, or anywhere in between, this camera is suitable for it. It’s also convenient, since it comes with a micro SD card that is used to save video from this device. You will also get a lifetime of customer support services, as well as a five-year, no-hassle warranty on your dash cam.

FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam Sample Video


  • Records in full high definition, with 1920p by 1080p
  • Records at a speed of 30 frames per second
  • Can sense when the car begins to move, and will begin recording then
  • Has a very wide lens, with 170° of viewing capability
  • Has loop interval recording, to free up unneeded space
  • Comes with the micro SD card that is needed to save the recorded video
  • Has night vision, so that you can record better in the dark.
  • Has WDR Enhanced Image Quality
  • Provides a photo-capture mode, as well as video mode
  • Will document your speed while traveling as part of its recording
  • Comes with lifetime customer support service, and a five-year hassle-free guarantee


  • Everything about this dash cam is a pro, really. It’s an amazing piece of technology that you’re going to be able to trust will provide a clear recording of the world around you when you’re driving. The camera is fantastic, with high-quality recording and a wide-angle lens. It comes with its own micro SD card for convenience. It even comes with customer support and a warranty.


  • There is really only one downside to purchasing the FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam, and that would be its overall price. Because it’s such an amazing dashboard camera, you can expect to pay for the quality and all the features. But, with this product, rest assured that you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.


The praises of this camera really can’t be sung enough. It’s fantastic, and a great fit for anyone who is looking to buy a dash cam for their vehicle. Though it is a splurge compared to other dashboard cams, it’s something that you’d do well to buy.

No matter what draws you to a certain dash cam, this one is likely to have it in spades. The camera is beyond sophisticated, and is state of the art. The images are all ultra-high definition, for easier identification of vehicles and license plates. The warranty isn’t bad, either. This is likely the best overhead mounted dashboard camera available for this price.

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