8th July 2017
Pruveeo F5 Car Dash Cam Review

Pruveeo F5 Full HD 1080P Dash Cam Review

The Pruveeo F5 Full HD 1080P Dash Cam is a dash cam system that prides itself on both being stylish and sleek to look at, as well as Wi-Fi capable. It comes at the lower end of the price spectrum, but isn't the cheapest option on the market. It has a lot of the basic features that you'd want to find in a dash cam, but nothing absolutely fantastic. This is a good, inexpensive dash cam.
7th July 2017
Amebay Dash Cam 2.4'' FHD 1080P

Amebay 2.4” Dash Cam Review

The Amebay Dash Cam is a dash camera system for your car. It has most of the standard features that you look for in a dash camera, as well as a few other features that you'll likely enjoy having once you've purchased it. These include high-definition recordings in both video and still, 140° of coverage while recording, an LCD screen to watch your recordings live, and an SD card that comes included with the camera itself.
28th June 2017
Rexing V1 2.4" Dashboard Camera Recorder

Rexing V1 2.4″ LCD FHD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Review

The Rexing V1 2.4" Dashboard Camera Recorder is a dash camera system for your car. This can be particularly useful if you are involved in a vehicle accident, as well as other conditions that might make it prudent to record your driving, or protecting yourself against unwarranted claims. Produced and sold by Rexing, this is a rather state-of-the-art model, with a lot of bells and whistles. However, because of this, the price is higher than others.
13th June 2017
FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam Review

FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam Review

The FalconZero F170HD+ DashCam is a dashboard camera that is well suited to a variety of conditions. This is because this camera comes with so many added features and such a great capability that it can function in nearly any scenario. The night vision mode, WDR Enhanced Image Quality, wide 170° lens capture, and high definition 1920p by 1080p recording make it one of the best dashboard cameras on the market today.
27th May 2017
KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dashboard Camera Review

KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dashboard Camera Review

The KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam is a dashboard camera that is full of state-of-the-art features and extras that you'll likely love in a dash cam. With its high-definition recording, the pictures are crystal clear. With the night vision camera, video taken at night is also clear. You can even link up your GPS coordinates on Google maps, and record what you're recording speed was, too.
8th March 2015
Amacam AM-M80 Miniature HD Dash Cam

Amacam AM-M80 Review – Compact Car Dash Camera

Amacam AM-M80 Miniature HD Dash Cam The AM-M80 car dash camera is one of the most compact 1080p we have tested to date. This camera is a 1.3MP resolution with a 120º viewing angle. G-shock sensor to record and protect accidents. The color LCD display is 1.5″ since the unit size is so small. The Amacam AM-M80 should easily fit behind any rear view mirror. If you are looking for the most compact this it. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Product Details This compact Amacam AM-M80 camera has many features of the higher priced cameras. There is an HDMI output jack so you can watch your recorded videos on you home TV. The Amacam AM-M80 has loop recording, G-shock sensor and many more features. Setup is made easy […]