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February 1, 2018
How To Avoid Car Battery Discharge – BlackVue Power Magic Pro

How To Avoid Car Battery Discharge – BlackVue Power Magic Pro

BlackVue Power Magic Pro Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention In this article we show show you how to avoid car battery discharge. The Power Magic Pro unit prevents your battery from discharging or draining when you are powering a Dash Camera. This is because higher feature dash cameras have motion sensing for parking lots mostly. So in a parking lot the camera is being triggered occasionally and drains your battery. Product Description The Power Magic Pro has a circuit that monitors your battery voltage and will turn off the Dash Camera power when the voltage goes below a user settable voltage 11.8v or 12v and 22.8 or 23.2v(for trucks/busses). In addition the unit has a timer that is also user settable to turn off the Dashcam after […]