6th September 2018

Are Dash Cams Legal In The USA?

Using a dash cam is definitely not a fad anymore, but a worldwide trend. Dashboard cameras are extremely useful to modern drivers, coming with a plethora of benefits. Buying a car dashboard camera is definitely a smart thing to do. However, before purchasing one of these devices, it is imperative to discover are dash cams legal in the USA and in particular your state or region. Even thought dashboard camcorders are legal in most states, there are still two important aspects to consider when talking about dashcam legality in USA. The first one is related to electronic surveillance and the second one deals with vision obstruction through the windshield. Because each different state has different policies to deal with these two issues. Therefore, it is […]
1st February 2018
How To Avoid Car Battery Discharge – BlackVue Power Magic Pro

How To Avoid Car Battery Discharge – BlackVue Power Magic Pro

BlackVue Power Magic Pro Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention In this article we show show you how to avoid car battery discharge. The Power Magic Pro unit prevents your battery from discharging or draining when you are powering a Dash Camera. This is because higher feature dash cameras have motion sensing for parking lots mostly. So in a parking lot the camera is being triggered occasionally and drains your battery. Product Description The Power Magic Pro has a circuit that monitors your battery voltage and will turn off the Dash Camera power when the voltage goes below a user settable voltage 11.8v or 12v and 22.8 or 23.2v(for trucks/busses). In addition the unit has a timer that is also user settable to turn off the Dashcam after […]
19th June 2017
Car Dashboard Camera Video

Car Dash Cam Videos – Evidence of Traffic Accidents

Evidence of Traffic Accidents From Car Dash Cam Videos The following Car Dash Cam Videos show some examples of video footage that could be used as evidence in the event of a traffic accident. As this footage shows traffic / pedestrian accidents viewer discretion is advised. Audi A4 crash and pileup on highway caught on camera This spectacular accident caught on camera of unscathed dash cam driver. Bus explosion in Volgograd, Russia caught on dash cam Terrorist attack in Volgograd, Russia Remains of a female terrorist attacker found in the bus that exploded today on October 21, 2013 in Volgograd, Russia. LifeNews reports with reference to Polices sources that the terrorist could be the wife of a Makhachkala guerrilla leader Dmitry Sokolov. According to Investigation […]
19th June 2017
Car Dashboard Cameras FAQs

Car Dashboard Cameras FAQs

Have A Question About Car Dashboard Cameras? Here you’ll find a selection of the most common Car Dashboard Cameras FAQs. Dash Cam, what is it? Dash Camera/Camcorder is a cheap investment to give you peace of mind when you and your family are traveling on the road. It captures video/audio when you are operating the vehicle and usually mounted on the windshield inside your vehicle. It’s becoming very popular worldwide. Some General Advice Power Leads – Your unit should be supplied with the appropriate power cable. This enables it to be charged when moving using your vehicles power supply. These units use memory cards to record and do not require video cables. Memory. The majority of units are supplied with a memory card. For lower […]
12th June 2017
6 Tips for Buying Dash Cams

How To Find the Best Car Dash Camera

Why You Need a Car Dash Camera? If you have never considered getting one then here you will discover how to find the best car dash camera. There are some very good reasons for you to have an on-board car dash camera.  We review the best car dash cameras so you don’t have to search everywhere for information. There are new menu categories for Cameras Under $100,  Cameras with GPS built-in and Mirror Mounted types. Record Unbelievable Drivers So perhaps the primary purpose would be to prove you’re innocent in the event of an accident. Maybe you want to watch it again or show friends that unbelievable idiot driver maneuver over again. How many times have you seen something just too crazy to describe? So wouldn’t it […]