Have A Question About Car Dashboard Cameras?

Here you’ll find a selection of the most common Car Dashboard Cameras FAQs.

Dash Cam, what is it?

Dash Camera/Camcorder is a cheap investment to give you peace of mind when you and your family are traveling on the road. It captures video/audio when you are operating the vehicle and usually mounted on the windshield inside your vehicle. It’s becoming very popular worldwide.

Some General Advice

  • Power Leads – Your unit should be supplied with the appropriate power cable. This enables it to be charged when moving using your vehicles power supply. These units use memory cards to record and do not require video cables.
  • Memory. The majority of units are supplied with a memory card. For lower costs units, there is often a small amount of internal memory which should be supplemented by a memory card.
  • Keeping the recording. Most units feature a record or “Panic” button. This can be used to keep a recording. It is important to press this in the event of an accident to prevent this footage from being overwritten. Most DVRs record continuously when the power is attached. Some feature G Force sensors which sense impacts and keep the footage at this point. Please read your unit’s instructions to understand exactly how it works.
  • Don’t touch the units whilst in motion. Like Satnavs, it’s best not to touch these units whilst moving as you may become distracted from the road.
  • Cleaning. The lenses should be periodically cleaned with a soft cloth. This will ensure the best quality recordings. They become dirty over time like your car’s windscreen so need cleaning.
  • Viewing footage on a PC. The vast majority of Dash Cams will come with free software enabling the videos to be viewed and sent to third parties via email. The memory card needs to be removed from the Dash Cam and inserted into a PC to be viewed. If your PC does not have a memory card reader, these can be purchased cheaply from Amazon and other retailers. The PC software is normally downloadable from a website rather than supplied with the Dash Cam.

Dash Cam, who needs one?

Simple answer: Anyone who drives!!!

  • Trucking/Delivery Services Companies – There are a lot of truck companies who need the dash cams for their drivers due to the hours of drivers that are on the road. The legal maximum drive time for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers is 11 hours in the US. With the long hours of driving, the risk for longhaul truck drivers are greater than average commuters. The dash cams can assist truck companies to determine if drivers have any issues driving long hours due to fatigue or illness. In addition, some of the dash cams have the capability of GPS tracking to ensure the trucks are moving at a reasonable pace to reach their destination.
  • Teen Driving/Defensive Driving Schools – There are many driving schools that can utilize the dash cams to see if the student drivers are following traffic rules on the roads. Any violations can be recorded by the dash cams and the schools can correct the student by going over the coverage with the student drivers. In addition, it could replace the manpower at the driving schools so the instructors can spend more time assisting other student drivers.
  • School Buses – School buses carry our future generation to get their education and the safety of the students are very important. There are many cases when the buses are picking up/dropping off students while parked with the “STOP” sign arms out, some irresponsible drivers either were not paying attention or busy chatting on the cell phone and run through the “STOP” sign. With dash cams equipped, the dash cams can assist the bus drivers by recording the model/make of the vehicles, and possibly record the license plates of the violators. In addition, if there were any problems inside the school buses, the school bus drivers can simple turn the dash cam around facing the students and record both video/audio to capture everything occurred at that particular moment and that could prevent students to causing problems inside the school buses.
  • Private Companies with Vehicles – There are a lot of construction companies who need the dash cams for their drivers due to safety. The dash cams can assist companies to determine if drivers are driving responsibility while presenting the company itself. In addition, some of the dash cams have the capability of GPS tracking to ensure the trucks (or vehicles) are used for the jobs.
  • Parents with Teenage Drivers – The subject of teen driving causes great concerns among parents, because studies show well over 50% of new teen drivers have an accident in the first two years of operating a vehicle. Since the parents primary concern is the safety of the teens, parents should have a dash cam inside the vehicle while the teens are driving. The dash cams will give teen drivers a more conscious mind knowing the parents can see how their teens behaving while operating a vehicle and capture any irresponsible acts to cause accidents if occurred.
  • Taxi Companies – Since taxi companies generally operates 24/7, taxi companies require cab drivers to follow a series of codes and regulations during his/her day, as well as adhere to certain record-keeping practices. Regulations must be followed involving conduct with passengers, charging passengers, and traffic and safe considerations. Cab companies can install dash cams in their taxi to record where the cab drivers drove, and if the cab drivers take safety considerations on the roads.
  • Motorsports (Leisure) – There are many high performance vehicles that belong to track where the drivers want to study the tracks, improve lines and improve their lap times. With dash cam equipped, drivers can easily record the highs and lows of the tracks and study the recorded videos.
  • Traffic Engineering Services/Roadway Construction Companies/Contractors – Traffic congestion are common in big cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York City. Traffic Engineering services often hired by government and local improvement districts to reduce congestion. By having dash cams in the vehicles that do travel time runs, the vehicles can record the traffic congestion prior to any signal timing improvement and conduct after travel time runs to show improvement. Many other construction companies that do striping on the road can show their clients the improvement of the old striping vs the new striping.
  • Other (Average commuters, Insurance Companies, etc.) – On average, Americans spend (either as a driver or passenger) 18 and a half hours a week in their cars. Which the number may not sound a lot until you sum it up and out of the waking hours that means that Americans are in vehicles almost 2 months out of every year. While the automobile industries improved the safety of the automobiles, the drivers are not. Due to the increase of vehicles on the roads, studies shown drivers are more irritated while operating a vehicle, and that increase the accident rate dramatically. With the dash cams installed in your vehicle, it can capture aggressive behaviors like tailgaters, fast lane changers, heavy foot drivers, speeders, and other violators.

There are so many dash cams, which one to get?

We have researched various models that provide 1080p High-Definition dash cams ranged from $100 USD to $400 USD. To find out more on how to choose a Dashboard Camera that is right for you, read our article on How to find the best Car Dash Camera.

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