Evidence of Traffic Accidents From Car Dash Cam Videos

The following Car Dash Cam Videos show some examples of video footage that could be used as evidence in the event of a traffic accident.

As this footage shows traffic / pedestrian accidents viewer discretion is advised.

Audi A4 crash and pileup on highway caught on camera

This spectacular accident caught on camera of unscathed dash cam driver.

Bus explosion in Volgograd, Russia caught on dash cam

Terrorist attack in Volgograd, Russia

Remains of a female terrorist attacker found in the bus that exploded today on October 21, 2013 in Volgograd, Russia. LifeNews reports with reference to Polices sources that the terrorist could be the wife of a Makhachkala guerrilla leader Dmitry Sokolov.

According to Investigation Committee of Russian, the latest death toll of bus explosion is 5 people and about 30 were injured.

Red Jeep crashes on exit ramp

Skip to 0:45 for action. Dash cam accident video taken by author in 2012. Watch the red Jeep driver lose control of his car as it takes the exit ramp.

Jeep T-bones another car at intersection

This dash cam video appears to have been taken in October 2012.

Swerve and skid caught on dash cam

Good skills shown  in this dash cam video by author taken on August 28, 2013, see his description below:

Silver Toyota at right started to swerve into my side as I was accelerating past him. (No signal in advance, driver did not seem to be alert, may not have checked blind spot.)
I swerved my Fiat into the left lane to avoid being hit, resulting in some skidding. Electronic Stability Control may have played a part in keeping me from skidding more.

Fender bender dash cam video

Imagine what would have happened if your small sedan got jammed and sideswiped like that.

Jeep crashes into a truck

Dash cam video of jeep driver rear-ending a truck . Watch the oncoming traffic.