Amebay 2.4 Inch Dash Cam

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Are you trying to find the best overhead mounted car dashboard camera, but don’t want to drain your wallet in the process? Then you should take a look at the Amebay 2.4 Inch Dash Cam. This product has all of the features you could want, at a fraction of the price of other dash cams.

Product Description

The Amebay 2.4 Inch Dash Cam is a dash camera system for your car. It has most of the standard features that you look for in a dash camera, as well as a few other features that you’ll likely enjoy having once you’ve purchased it. These include high-definition recordings in both video and still, 140° of coverage while recording, an LCD screen to watch your recordings live, and an SD card that comes included with the camera itself.

The Amebay Dash Cam is perfect for recording your driving in common, everyday situations, as well as those that are a bit more dangerous, such as snow, fog, or stormy weather. It will directly record events leading up to and after a crash. This can be useful when filing an insurance claim on your vehicle, for proving that you weren’t speeding and that you didn’t run a red light, or for determining that you weren’t at fault for a vehicle collision.

Amebay Dash Cam Sample Night Driving Video


  • Records video in 1080p full high-definition resolution
  • Covers 140° range with its lens
  • Has a 2.4” high-resolution LCD screen, so that you can watch while you’re recording
  • Comes with the 16 GB SD card that you need to record with this dash cam
  • Has a motion detection function for better recording in crashes
  • Comes with a motion detection function
  • It has a video save interval of either 1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes


  • The Amebay Dash cam is one of the best dash cameras, especially for the price range that it’s in. In fact, its low price tag is probably one of the best features that this dashboard camera has, which makes it affordable for anyone. Beyond that, it also has the standards that you look for in a dash cam: covers a decent amount of the road; has sensors to record in the event of a crash; and has high-definition recording capabilities.


  • The biggest downside appears to be that the dash cam doesn’t stay charged for very long, requiring the product to either be recharged frequently, or be left plugged into a power source itself for the duration of the journey. There are also a few complaints that the product doesn’t record how fast you were going, nor does it come equipped with GPS tracking capabilities.


Overall, the Amebay 2.4 Inch Dash Cab is one of the top 10 overhead mounted car dashboard cameras in its price range. And, considering low the price of this product, it is even more impressive. It doesn’t skimp out on features: You get all of the basics that you want and need, plus a few perks that you might not realize are important.

If you’re looking to get a great dash cam system for a fairly low price, you might want to consider buying the Amebay Dash Cam. It’s very low cost, it records in high definition, it covers a wide angle of the road, and it can automatically save footage of a crash. Definitely a bargain.

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